Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen and buying property


If you came on holiday to Lanzarote thirty years ago you would have had to stay in Puerto del Carmen as it was the only tourist resort. Time moves on, tourism has grown over the years, but it remains the most visited and developed place for tourism on the island. The amount of tourism also directly relates to the amount of property sales from overseas buyers looking for a holiday home and investment. To find the house you will be most satisfied with and get the best return takes some time and research. There a different parts to the town with varied facilities.


Puerto del Carmen is located only a few minutes drive from the airport. The town stretches 3.8 miles from Matagorda at the North end down to the Old fishing harbour in the South. There is one long coastal road that links it all together with many beaches along its length. Along the other side of the coastal road, also known and ‘The Strip’ are most of the shops, bars and restaurants all enjoying a lovely view to the ocean.

The Old Town:

This is the oldest part of Puerto del Carmen that grew around the original fishing harbour. There is a hub a bars and restaurants around this naturally sheltered area. Inland is a steep hill where are built lots of apartments and houses with fantastic views, many surprisingly affordable. In the centre of the old harbour is a large car park catering for the daily visitors. Closest beaches are Playa Chica which is amazing for scuba diving and the Fariones hotel beach just around the rocks.


North of the harbour start the main beaches of Puerto del Carmen. The first being ‘Playa Grande’. This is next to one of the first built hotels called ‘Los Fariones’. This whole area is known as ‘Fariones’. The beach road stretches from here to Matagorda at the Northern end of Puerto del Carmen. Playa Grande is the most popular beach wth sunbeds, pedalos, and even a bouncy castle anchored out to sea.

Centro Atlantico:

Heading North from Fariones and just past Playa Grande is one of the night spot centres of Puerto del Carmen called Centro Atlantico. This is a group of bars and clubs in a precinct. There are some sun bathing areas opposite on the sand amongst the palm trees.

Casino Area:

Further North again is the Lanzarote Casino. This and several other bars and restaurants are situated on the beach side of the road. There are even a few quiet beaches hidden around here, very central but no that well known.

San Antonio:

Along with the Fariones hotel this is one of the first hotels built on Lanzarote. Located beach front. In this area are some mini golf courses plus a selection of shops, restaurants, bars and other businesses.

Los Pocillos beach:

This is the largest beach in Puerto del Carmen running from San Antonio Hotel to Matagorda. On big tides a large tidal pool is created. On the other side of the road is an area with good parking with lots of shops and bars. From the San Antonio North Puerto del Carmen becomes less densely populated.


On the other side of the Los Pocillos beach starts Matagorda. There is a Centro Commercial (are of businesses in this case shops and bars) in the centre with the beach front curving all around.

Cycling, walking and running:

From the Fariones hotel area all the way to Arrecife is a great path that goes all along the seafront. This takes you past some quiet beaches and even the runway of the airport. It is possible to hire bikes, roller blades and even seaway’s to help you enjoy this lovely route.

Property perspective:

Puerto del Carmen is spread along the beach front. Buildings are also spread along this route and then inland.

a – Apartment on a complex

If you only have an entry level budget then a Puerto del Carmen apartment for sale on a complex could be right for you. There are many options in this category in Puerto del Carmen. Complexes of all shapes and sizes exist, each having a different size, layout and facilities. Things to look out for are the overall condition of the communal. Look at the condition of the painted areas, communal gardens, any cracks etc. Check how well neighbours keep their properties, any noise, loud animals. See what communal facilities there are like pool, pool bar, shops, reception. Important questions are what the community fees are, if there is much debt from current owners for communal fees, if all bills are taken separately from separate meters.
Other factors depend on the use you wish to get out of the apartment. If you want to rent it out then see if others on the complex are also renting. Some complexes frown on this as it can disturb the neighbours. See what sort of income can be earned and for how many weeks of the year other are renting for. Check online rental websites and see if you can find similar properties. Then see their prices and bookings.
If you wish to just use it yourselves you may need someone to keep a check on it whilst you are not there for any leakages and security. How secure is the complex?

b – Villas and houses

There are some exclusive areas in Puerto del Carmen with some amazing houses. The main one is called Los Mojones on the cliff top over looking the Old Town Harbour. These are expensive properties but have amazing views and great rental income potential. Often large groups can stay in large properties and it costs them less. House and villas for sale exist all over. Get a good idea of what the market values are by looking online then taking some time to look at a few in person.

Buying your property

Remember to always get the assistance of a lawyer. They can make checks for debts against the property, check all paperwork is in order and that you are actually buying what you think you are.


The property market is getting back on its feet in Lanzarote. The busiest area for tourism is Puerto del Carmen. This would point to this area being able to give the best returns both for capital gains and rental income. Do your research, check estate agent website for going prices. Check rental websites for rental rates and occupancy levels. Find the complex or area you are looking to buy on the rental website to get the most accurate information. Once with the estate agents ask them all of your questions, they have lots of experience.